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Hallo! Hello! Sveiki!

Welcome to my test retreat – place, where I write about software development, quality and testing related issues from my personal point of view.

My name is Kristīne Corbus, I am software tester since 2008. Context-driven, exploration testing or risk based – in my opinion, there is no silver bullet. The key is a remix. economicsoftrust

Besides explorative and automated testing, I have experience in building testing teams and creating QA processes for start-ups. With focus on trust relationships in business setting and team motivation. My special skill is to see potential in people and by coaching and mentoring to help them to believe in themselves again.

I organize local tester meet-ups in Jena, Germany, randomly blog, tweet and talk about testing at conferences. My very special event of 2017 will be organising TestBash in Munich, Germany.

I am proud Latvian, but since 2004 I live and work in Germany. I am a mother of three and wife of one 🙂 . I also love to observe and analyze how my kids learn their both native languages; and where the language ends and starts the culture.

Currently, I work for eCommerce company as Quality Agent. One of my tasks is to guide our customers during digital transformation. My professional profiles: Xing, LinkedIn