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German Software Testing Blogs

According to James Bach there is just one German tester (who writes about testing and therefore is visible to the world). OK, OK, old story, but anyway – where are German testers hiding? I am going to find it out!

  1.  www.mgaertne.de written by Markus Gärtner
  2.  adventuresinqa.com written by Daniel Knott
  3.  softwaretestandquality.blogspot.de
  4.  robert.bullinger.over-blog.com
  5.  qs-welt.de/blog-in-german/
  6.  www.qsfibel.de
  7. testpappy.wordpress.com
  8. kleffels-software-blog.de/
  9. ggreiter.wordpress.com
  10. my2centsonagile.blogspot.de
  11. betatester.wordpress.com written by Ronny Walter
  12. thatsthebuffettable.blogspot.de written by
  13. www.testknight.de written by Christian Kram
  14. www.richard-seidl.com
  15. hanseatictester.info
  16. seasidetesting.com written by Stephan Kämper
  17. agile-and-testing.chriss-baumann.de
  18. dev.otto.de/category/testing/
  19. testhexen.de
  20. http://www.lisihocke.com

5 thoughts on “German Software Testing Blogs

  1. Thank you for a great information which is very useful to us.

  2. Hi,
    Actually very nice sources are available in this blog.
    Also need to update the main information of each blog. So that the user can easily find out his requirement and will search for the result easily.
    Anyway thanks for the blog.

  3. At least 5 of these are authored from Hamburg / Northern Germany…. And people say we do not like to talk 🙂

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