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Lisa Crispin: 3 Blog Posts

As a trainer every week I have another training, another group of people and one of 3 topics: testing, requirements, quality with or without agile. To entertain myself, each time I tell another stories and mention another resources. There are no identical trainings. To keep an overview I decided to do little collection of sources I usually mention and additionally to highlight 3 blog posts.

This week I will highlight Lisas work. I had the honour to create and run a workshop with her together and since then, I am huge Lisas fan (I was before already, but now HUGE fan.)  Her blog has all kind of posts – information about webinars, recordings, book reviews, pieces of information from her books and many, many, many situations of her daily work. Here are Lisas 3 blog posts I suggest you to read:

  1. Teamwork for building in quality
  2. Dressage, Discipline and Quality
  3. Team Commitment to Quality

Have fun while learning!

Learning Lessons

To escape old thinking and behaviour patterns will try some new things. First two I will print out on handy cards, carry with me and will use every waiting moment when I would usually check my mobile, to check my learning cards. For my-needs-card I have another idea. Tomorrow starts our team-summer-work-camp and I want to do it as a team exercise to raise awareness how different we are and what do we need to deliver better results.

Command Line


My Needs card by Angie Doyle

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