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Learning: Human Factor

Every week I repeat: sitting still and listening to me is NOT a learning.

For me learning means to change behaviour.

If I understood how important for my well being are physical activities and implemented them into my daily routine, I can say I learned it. If I continue to practice movementless lifestyle, I didn’t learn a thing and there is no improvement to expect.

It does not matter how many trainings you take/ conferences you visit/ books you read, if you don’t implement topics your experienced in your daily activities. No trainer, speaker, book writer can do it for you.

You have to do it by yourself.

Reading Club

I have a colleague, which is great tester and super good lunch buddy, but she is also mother of two little boys. She would love to learn more about testing, but struggles to find the time for it. On the other side – me, doing hundred things in the same time and quite oft finishing only some of them.

So we had an idea to read a book about software testing together. One week – one chapter, weekly discussions and thought sharing to keep our motivations high. We start with “Explore it!” by Elisabeth Hendrickson.

"Explore It!" A book on exploratory testing by Elisabeth Hendrickson

My colleague will read German translation, I – original English. We plan to start on Eastern. I will keep you posted how we will do.

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