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#30DaysOfSecurityTesting – Task XXX

30 Discover the difference between White, Grey, and Black Hat Hacking

This task is not a real challenge for me, but challenge is a challenge, so here is a summary:

Black Hats see hacking as an intellectual challenge, they have drive to outsmart others and see stolen money as a reward for their skills.

White Hats are called also as ethical hackers. They use the same methods of hacking as black hats, but they do it with permission of the owners. For example, @mikko is a white hat hacker.

Grey Hats in my understanding are kids, who have skills, like to play with those, but behave careless or are not aware of law or ethical issues.

So far so good. Now time for one of my learning sources – YouTube :)

“wild pleasure of exploration”, “the pope is currently not available”


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