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Ping To All Testers in Germany


Already some time I am collecting blog links to software testers, who are based in Germany. Why? Because I live in Germany and this is very special (in all kind of meanings) country. And because I would like to break this wave, what I have seen mostly in Germany, work 8h without a lot of thinking, then go home and do something fun.

According to German Testing Board data, there are more than 45 000 ISTQB certified testers in Germany(end of 2015). As I got to know the number (that time it was 10 000 less), my first idea was – where are they? What do they test and how? Where do they share their testing experiences?

I think German testers has more to share with the world. I invite you to help me to find positive, inspiring people and share they work with the community.

P.S. I have nothing against other countries or nations, I just want to wake up this one particular.

Special Announcement


My dear friends,

Today I’m announcing something I’ve worked on for almost a year – we are bringing TestBash to Germany!

I hope you share my excitement and will consider participating in the event as either an attendee or as a speaker. If you have any questions or suggestions for myself or Patrick we would love to hear it!


Meine Kollegen und Freunde,

Heute ich habe eine ganz besondere Nachricht für euch: Patrick und ich – wir haben fleißig gearbeitet mit dem Ziel die einzigartige TestBash Konferenz nach Deutschland zu bringen.

Jetzt ist es so weit – am 6. Oktober 2017 in München werden wir die allererste TestBash Germany feiern! Bitte nehmt das in euren Kalender und Jahresplanung auf und ich hoffe euch persönlich begrüßen zu dürfen als Besucher oder vielleicht auch Redner.

Für Fragen stehen Patrick und ich sehr gern zur Verfügung.

Link to official MOT announcement

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