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Celebrate Success

I come from a country with many remembrance days – time when we remember those who fought for freedom, but in many cases it results with remembering everything bad what happened to us. It is very important to remember, but even more important is not to get depressed. I guess because of my origin one of my life motos are “celebrate success!” My favourite way of celebration is to jump or to do a little dance. In our family we celebrate even little things like good grades or perfectly baked cake.

Trying to be authentic me in professional setting, I work hard with me to celebrate successes at job situations as well. Since I work as a trainer it roles out easier and easier and not think about how others will react to it. My kids are used to my silly dance, but what attendees will say about it?

One of the trainings I give is Agile Testing for the Whole Team. In this training it is particularly easy to talk about it because one whole module is about it. Last week I was giving the training and asking people to share how they celebrate success. The answer was – they don’t because they don’t have a budget for that. I asked if celebration has to be material. So we talked about it and had very interesting ideas, but some members reminded oppositional: we don’t need this nonsense!

Soon after that, the training was over and we went through acceptance tests what I collected at the beginning of training. We passed every single test and the group shared their learnings on each topic. Suddenly everyone started to applaud and cherish. They were celebrating their success! All of them! While they still were applauding one of previous sceptics smiling said that now she agrees – it is important to celebrate.

I was so moved by them that I forgot to celebrate my moment of success…

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