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Attempt to Improve the Blog: Halftime

At the beginning of the year I set a goal to improve my blogging skills. 

Attempt to Improve the Blog: Scheduled Posts

Attempt to Improve the Blog: User Experience

Attempt to Improve the Blog: Who are my Readers?

Now it is halftime and I have to say that I was good with scheduling posts, but the rest of ideas around the blog faded away. I have to laugh about myself, because I dis not follow my own mantra – improve just one thing at the time. I learn the lesson and the rest of the year will focus only on scheduling posts.

What I learned so far? A lot! Mostly about myself and how I do things. Scheduling helps me to push myself, now I know if I want to accomplish something I have to challenge myself. At the beginning when I was writing on Sunday evenings, my husband asked what will happen if I will not publish on Monday 12:12. The answer is: nothing! But it was and is important to me to carry out. I had more than 40 half finished, finished drafts of blog posts. Now I have only 14. Not all of them I published, some I deleted as obsolete. I don’t have to hang on old ideas, there are so much happening around me!

Little statistics:

I wrote 30 blog posts in first half of 2019.

So far my blog had 3095 visitors and 4742 views.

Favourite posts with 535 views is https://testretreat.com/2019/05/06/test-automation/

Second favourite with 406 views: https://testretreat.com/2019/06/10/how-to-explain-exploratorytesting-in-5-minutes/

I have another posts about exploratory testing in the pipeline, but you have to wait until autumn. Until end of August I will be on and off holidays.

Have a nice summer!

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2 thoughts on “Attempt to Improve the Blog: Halftime

  1. Kristīne on said:

    When I say scheduling blog posts, I don’t mind one particular blog post. Sometimes I start to write one during my week, but over the weekend I chose to write and publish another one. For me scheduling is only about delivering.

  2. Increasingly, I find that scheduling blog posts is pointless, because there’s always something else with higher priority pushing the next post down the ‘to do’ list. The only answer is to decide just how urgent your blog post really is and if something comes up as really, really urgent, then you make that no.1 on the list.
    For instance, I’d been planning a blog post on a recent trip to Cornwall for my sister’s 70th birthday, but that was getting to the stage of being three weeks in the past and getting forced down the priority list by other stuff. Then suddenly I found myself having laser surgery for a retinal tear, and given that this can happen to anyone much over 45 who has short sight, and that I only spotted the symptoms because I’d read posts from friends who’d had similar things happen, I decided I needed to put a post out as soon as possible. I combined the two and got a more appealing post out of it (through being able to add pictures of Cornwall) than if I’d just done one on the surgery.