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Lies About Work

This week my sister was visiting us for big family celebration, that is the reason why this blog post is extremely short. My sister doesn’t work in IT, her topic is marketing and communications. I like to exchange business staff with her, because she lives in different information bubble and has different views. Last week we talked a lot about communication especially about coding the message. We also talked about team motivation and aspects which indicates or lets us to measure it.
Besides everything else, she suggested a book to read: Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World

After checking index, I really got curious about the book. Who else wants to join me to read it?


I think I did not explain enough why I want to read this book. It is not only about the index. Everyone in testing knows that communication has important role in software development, but how often we really try to understand the other side? I remember once I was listening to my colleague complaining about the project manager she had to work with. I could easily understand her frustration because I have worked with him before and suffered myself. This time as an outsider I could see that the PM is visually stressed, I could see that something is wrong. I surprised myself by suggesting my colleague to have lunch with PM and to find out what is going on. Her reply was: “no way!” I am sure if someone had similar suggestion for me, I would respond in the same way.

For me that conversation became a turning point. I started to look for opportunities to build bridges with other people involved in software development. I had very interesting time, getting to know people, things what they do and work problems what they face. Time to time I met difficult people, who were comfortable in their silo or didn’t want/were afraid to open up and to have a conversation. I chose to leave it like this. I told myself that I respect their choice, but in fact I gave up. Since I have a teenager at home, I keep saying to my husband and to myself – in times when it gets harder, we need to double our love, patience and understanding. “Nine Lies About Work” maybe controversial, but it is mainstream book about corporate world. World – which I always tried to ignore. I learned from my mistakes and now I am ready to have a lunch together.

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2 thoughts on “Lies About Work

  1. Kristīne on said:

    Thank you, Robert, for your insights. My idea behind this is to see the other side. I live so long in agile world, that I tend to lose ability to connect with people who come from command-and-control companies. For me communication is about adapting my message in language of my listener. By reading the book I hope to learn more about non-IT-managers, that at the end I can shape my message better for them.

  2. A quick look around the Net suggests that this book is provocatively-titled to get attention; and that the authors” premise is that one size does not fit all, and that the best organisations have realised this, whereas those old-fashioned, ‘command-and-control’ organisations do not. Further, the old-style organisations may say they do all these things, but actually at best only pay lip service to them.
    My main concern isn’t so much the places where they are already doing these things flexibly, but those self-same command-and-control, “Type A” management style organisations. I just get the feeling that a lot of those will look at the “Nine Lies” and take that headline as an excuse to just drop doing any of those things (even if only superficially) immediately.