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I Know Everything

– Hey, listen to me! I am the trainer/big name/white middle-aged man – I know everything!
– emm… no, you don’t. And neither do I.

I have arrived in phase where I know nothing, but I have enough confidence to teach others that little knowledge I have.

Since I was little I was very good middle man. I was reading a lot and used to observe things from different perspectives. Later at university my speciality was to explain something my study mates knew much better than I did, but struggled to understand some aspects of it. How can I do that? Very simple – I listen. Not just words what people say, but words which they do not say as well.

I work as a trainer not because I know everything, but because I like to help people. Training and coaching for me, in first place is about empathy.  I need to be able to connect with trainee and to understand her/his journey, to understand their challenges and problems. Only then I will be able to guide them to their next step. Not to my next step in that situation, but their next step.

My trainer moto is:

docendo discimus,

which means: by teaching, we learn.

I really learn while teaching. Listening to people and empathising with them I learn to know their stories. Based on my trainees questions, I start to explore new topics or dig deeper in domains I knew superficially. In my last training I learned a lot about Ireland – did not expect that, but wow – it was so interesting!

Lisa Crispin is excellent role model for learning attitude. She is three book author, has 20+ years of experience in agile teams, international speaker and, and, and… But I never heard another person then Lisa to say so many times phrases like: “I learned today…”, “that’s interesting!”, “I learned it from …”. Lisa helped me to understand that learning is not something what we do. Open mind to people, situations and new ideas is a mindset.

To know Lisa also showed me that it is easy to ask Lisa for a help. Because you know she will not judge you that you don’t know something. I try to use it in trainings I give. I talk about my mistakes, I say that I do not know everything, but I know material very well and I will do my best to help them to find their answers.



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4 thoughts on “I Know Everything

  1. Kristīne on said:

    Did you read my blog?

  2. Kristīne on said:

    When I wrote this I had few particular white middle age men, who are famous for not listening, in domain where I work. I have nothing against men, but against not listening.

    P.S. Germany was rebuilt by women, because all men were dead. Look example to Dresden.

  3. Chad on said:

    You know, the white men of Europe built and maintained western civilisation and died in their millions to protect it.

    There is a generation of young white men who are being derided, vilified, sidelined, told that woman and people from all corners of the world are ahead of them in the pecking order because of their “privilege”. A lot of these young men will soon be at a stage where they have nothing left to lose, the nations their ancestors built and died for is being taken away and squandered. What do you think is going to happen when they snap? Not just because of petty tyrants like you, the agenda being being pushed as a whole in society.

    Well let me tell you, tjljey are gathering and they are growing, it’s going to make 1940s Germany look like a picnic, and people like you, in your shallow ignorance, will be 100 percent to blame.

  4. Chad on said:

    “I am the trainer/big name/white middle-aged man – I know everything!”

    How utterly bizarre, that you thought the gender and sex of this person has any baring on the point you are trying to get across.

    Are you stereotyping white men? Is stereotyping allowed now? Or is it just OK when it’s white men who are the subject under discussion?