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Ethical Dilemma #MachineLearning #AI

Everyone talks about AI, I am ready to give you my 5 cents.

I started to study IT 20 years ago. In my circle AI was a thing, I thought I want to belong to the cool gang make it as my topic as well. But my enthusiasm did not last for a long time. I gave up when I realised in what early stage is it and how hopeless it is. I gave up on AI after I learned about ethics dilemma – train out of control, switch and dilemma whom to kill. My professor was amused about our reaction, I got depressed by finding puzzle which I cannot solve. Now 20 years later, being a mother and raising three children, I see unsolvable puzzles everywhere. I can only hope that my three natural intellects will learn the “right” ethics, but there is no guarantee.

My oldest daughter yesterday watch a horror movie for the first time in her life. She is twelve & we are the family who usually watches Peppa Pig or biathlon welt cup. We have not watch all Harry Potter movies yet, because she was too scared! She thought that the movie is named Walking Dad. When she realised that dad is dead, she felt that it is tool late and did not want to let her friend down. So she stayed there and watch it… It is long story how and why, but one of topics what we were discussing yesterday – if you cannot help your friend anymore (she is getting medical help), maybe it is time to end the friendship if this friendship takes too much from you. We spent all afternoon talking and believe me, I never ever thought that I will suggest my child to think about leaving her friend in trouble. So unethical! At the end it will be her decision (it is not only about the movie). As a trainer and coach, it is part of my job – to help people, but not to let their problems to become my problems.

We created the reality of big data. We created this artificial problem, now we need solution. Solution is basically analysis of data, but we are too lazy to do it ourselves, so we want that algorithms do analysis and learning for us. For me it looks like we are creating next artificial problem…  This is why I like love letter written by Smita. It is about data & algorithm and our ability to see behind it. I hope we will question our own algorithms (human behaviour) as well.

I may look like like I know something, but in fact I know nothing. Am I at the beginning or at the end of this journey?

Learning stages (my interpretation):

  • Beginning: I know nothing
  • Years 1-3: I know some things
  • Years 4-7: I don’t know what I don’t know
  • Years 8-12: I know *everything*
  • Years 13+: I know nothing

You may also want to read “Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: The Moral Compass of a Machine” written by Kris Hammond.

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