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Kate Gregory: Code Quality

As a trainer I give a training every week, another group of people and one of 3 topics: testing, requirements, quality with or without agile. To entertain myself, each time I tell another stories and mention another resources. There are no identical trainings. To keep an overview, I decided to create collection of sources I usually mention.

I give trainings but I also continuously learn. My newest discovery is Kate Gregory. Thank you Patricia that you tweeted during Kates keynote and afterwards shared link to the recording.

Kate is developer and it is her keynote on developer conference, but do not get scared by it! In her talk she explains how to find emotions in code and gives some ideas what to do with those. For me she talks about code quality. Many aspects, what she touches in her talk, deeply resonates with me. This is exactly what I think everyone in QA should talk about.

In her speakers requirements Kate says she prioritize events who publish and gives free access to her talks (wow!), so you if you like this one, you can easily find other talks of her (I am trying to watch all of them). Kate also writes, mentors, develops software and give trainings.

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