Learning Zone, Performance Zone

Time to time I discuss with people in industry about how to find a good software testers/developers. And my answer always is the same – do not look for a tester/developer, look for a person who likes to learn. If you can teach a bear to ride a bicycle, then a person, who wants to learn, have no limits.

How long do you work as a software tester/developer? How many years of software testing/development experience do you have? Looks like similar questions, but they are not. For example, you are paid as a software developer for 7 years. You can have one time 7 years of experience OR you could have 7 times 1-year experience.

Now I have to correct myself. Over the years and especially since I work as a trainer I see that learning (listening) is not enough. You have to apply your learnings in everyday life and this is the hardest part of learning. Some of educators say learning means change of behaviour. Very simple example: child and candle. Child is attracted to flame and wants to touch it. Parents can say 100 times, do not touch it! the flame it is dangerous, child will hear it, but not learn and will keep behaviour. Only after touching a flame, lesson will be learned and behaviour changed. In Germany we say LDS – Lernen Durch Schmerzen which translated means Learning Through Pain. Pain as trigger to change pattern of behaviour.

I really love Eduardo Briceño TED talk where he introduces us with his concept of Learning Zone and Performance Zone. Learning zone is where we build our skills, important part in this stage is to make mistakes and lern from them, and performance zone, where we apply skills we master. 20 years ago when I started to work in IT it was pure performance zone. Only professional would get hired, we got project and had to deliver. We kind of know backend of this story – people lied in their resumes and interviews, nobody really knew how and what to deliver and where it got us. All kind of agile projects seams to be in Learning Zone only. We all know something, but we do not know if this something will work in this project. We talk about learning domain, learning about customers needs, learning about software we are building. But do we perform?