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Attempt to Improve the Blog: Scheduled Posts

December 2018 I had 43 drafts with ideas or almost done blog posts. Over holidays I did review, some got deleted immediately, some are ready to go, but I need to change context or words like “yesterday” to “some time ago”. Now I am down to 36 drafts. Still too many. It is obvious that I have no problem with ideas, but I may seem to struggle with output. Some of blog posts where ready to publish. I wonder, why I did not.

One aspect, why I tend not to publish, is time. I am overcommitted in several projects. There is always something on my to do list, so many things I want to do! Another aspect is that I prefer the process – I really enjoy researching, analysing, puzzling the big picture – this is what I like to do. To publish a result is not so important. Everything would be great if my memory wouldn’t be so bad. If I do not write down, I forget. Sometimes people come to me to thank that I said something particularly inspiring or motivational, and I do not remember a thing, it is gone, my head is full of other ideas. So, I need to write down. And if it is written, why not to publish?

I was reading blog post When Can Structure Enhance Your Creativity written by Johanna Rothman. She has high output (just look at the list of her books!) and in this post she gives few ideas how she achieves that. With structure.

Summary of all this is – I decided to set a day and time when I publish something on my blog. My minimum requirement is one blog post a week. Publishing day will be Monday (I will find the time to write on weekend, right?), time will be 12:12. This is first scheduled post, will see how it goes and if it will help me to publish.

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One thought on “Attempt to Improve the Blog: Scheduled Posts

  1. I always try to bring structure in my publishing times, but I’m baaaaad at it haha.
    Most of the time I just can’t wait to share ittt