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Attempt to Improve the Blog: User Experience

One thing what I want to improve in 2019 is my blogging. Not loosing a day, here comes first improvements.

I am learning about the tool (WordPress) by using it. Around a year ago, when I changed the theme, I became aware of categories and tags and importance of those.

Categories and tags build structure of a blog. Categories are high level grouping tool and helps readers to understand identify of the blog. Tags are detail level information about specific aspects in single blog post. See graphic above to have an example how it can look like: category – personal development, tags – conferences, quality, roundup, software, trainings. Now I think this is a bad example, because “software” does not fit in. Another proof that I am not perfect :D.

Blog posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order. Most readers are not interested to read ALL the blog posts, but are searching for particular information. Here comes user experience part: if blog has well-considered categories and tags, it helps user to find information faster.

Some sources state that it is not possible to change categories and tags after publishing. I changed both several times and never experienced any problems. As most of beginners, I could not decided what should be category and what should be a tag. Not so long ago, I had 20 different categories and no hierarchy. Today I took time to recategorise my blog. A lot of work with 100 posts, many had two or three categories, but in the same time this exercise was excellent retrospective. Now I have only 11 categories and I made them visible on the sidebar. A good category structure should be flexible and designed to handle any future content. I am not sure that 11 is the final number, maybe few other should be eliminated, but at the moment it gives me flexibility I need.

Tool, which finally helped me to relate post to only one category, was to imagine that my blog is a book. This approach is suggested in several resources about categories.  Idea is very simple – in a book topics are organised into chapters and one topic can be organised into one chapter. I imagined that categories are my chapters and tags are the keywords listed at the end of the book.

Time will show (or you can tell me) if this improves user experience.

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3 thoughts on “Attempt to Improve the Blog: User Experience

  1. I’ve not heard of either of those things Kristine – will have a look, thanks. I do want to improve my writing and having some specific goals/guidance would be useful for that.

    My own blog is all over the place content-wise. I have one category for testing where it all goes, what there is of it. I do need to populate it with some more content. Tags are great for those searching for related content, as you say.

  2. Kristīne on said:

    Thank you, David, for your feedback! I meant filtering, when I wrote about readers and they intention to find information faster. I wish you all the best for 2019, especially motivation for writing! Have you heard about writing club? Or weekly calendar appointments with your blog? ;)

  3. WordPress is great for collecting your posts in groups, so Catergories are a fantastic way to collect stuff together. I see tags/keywords as additional metadata rather than a main taxonomy but your mileage may vary. They’re a great way of filtering down your category posts (if you see what I mean).

    Well done on attempting to up your blogging game. I’m also attempting to do the same. I do need to create some more testing-related content on my blog so will see what 2019 brings in the way of motivation :)

    (Followed your twitter post to get here)