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Lisa Crispin: 3 Blog Posts

As a trainer every week I have another training, another group of people and one of 3 topics: testing, requirements, quality with or without agile. To entertain myself, each time I tell another stories and mention another resources. There are no identical trainings. To keep an overview I decided to do little collection of sources I usually mention and additionally to highlight 3 blog posts.

This week I will highlight Lisas work. I had the honour to create and run a workshop with her together and since then, I am huge Lisas fan (I was before already, but now HUGE fan.)  Her blog has all kind of posts – information about webinars, recordings, book reviews, pieces of information from her books and many, many, many situations of her daily work. Here are Lisas 3 blog posts I suggest you to read:

  1. Teamwork for building in quality
  2. Dressage, Discipline and Quality
  3. Team Commitment to Quality

Have fun while learning!

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