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New Podcast – QR

I am not a fan of podcasts because I struggle to focus all my attention to only one sense. But today I saw the info about new podcast made by Keith Klain and got curious. I opened the link and my first reaction was – are you KIDDING me? Over 1 hour!!! Who can concentrate to listen to something for so long? But I wanted to hear a lot what they talked about testers mental health, so I clicked the play button.

I listened to it all in one piece and was blown away how open Trish and Keith tell stories about their professional life and personal struggles. I wish I could listen to them 9 years ago when I started to work in testing and felt not enough.

I was so hooked that I continued and listened to the other QR podcast with Damian. He sold me his workshop :) and surprised by diving deep for meaning and analysing failures. I thought I am good at this, but he takes it in a new level.

Trish and Damian both are consultants and both has beautiful and informative websites.

Now I have just one question: Keith, when comes the next?

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One thought on “New Podcast – QR

  1. Hi Kristine – Thank you so much for your kind words! The guests, topics, and length of my “podcast” are very self indulgent, so thank you for listening. My goal is to talk to interesting people I know about topics I want to hear their opinion, so that covers a range of ideas. I have some great ones lined up, so stay tuned! Cheers!