Digital Information Units

I start new series of digital information units collection. Pieces I read and found interesting, moving or/and useful for my daily work.

  • Hackers Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures shows some very smart moves. My favourite staging cookies!
  • Blog about “not attacking people with a different understanding of terminology than you”. I like the list of misnomers as a reference that it is OK to be not correct and yes – people should not be attacked, but the same time I disagree with David.
  • Great article about developers bug diary. Do your developers write a bug diary?
  • did you test your back-ups? I remember a conversation with my sysadmin several years ago. update of our issue tracker went wrong and we found out that we do not have a backup. I partly saved the day because I never delete my emails. I offered my help to test the backup after it is set up, but the guy promised that he has it now. Week later system went down again and there were no backups again…
  • tips to organise information – simple but illustrative oracle
  • bringing value or standing in a way? We Latvians have the saying: the way to the hell is made of good intentions.
  • do you want to fail as a consultant? Here is a guideline how.


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