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#30DaysOfSecurityTesting – Task I


Ministry of testing organizes another challenge: 30 days of security testing. I like challenges in general and even I am not a security tester, I am privately interested in the topic. In my opinion, everybody should be. Week ago I bet with my colleague that in less than five years, a health of individual digital privacy will be a standard. …or robots will rule the world and we will have no privacy at all.

Today is the first day of the challenge: Read a security blog

Here is my very short list of security blogs:

What I read today? Since I learned a lesson do not to click a button, I am aware of ransomware. This week on news on local radio I heard that in Germany hackers attack companies who are looking for new employees. They send application with CV in the attachment, which is not readable at first. And then there is the button. The rest you can imagine. Stories about attacked hospital, police offices and here is a new ransomware story about a locked in hotel guests.

At the end, some ideas how to protect yourself from ransomware. And of course: do NOT click the button!


~UPDATE with another links to web security related blogs~

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