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Testing Guidelines For Junior Tester

This is a very short visual guide for a junior tester.


  1. Do exploratory testing. That means: be curious, attentive and organized.

come1   come2

2. Try mindmaps to get the testing ideas and cheatsheets to try different inputs and watch carefully for side effects.


3. Trust your intuition, see what others do not see and make it visible. How? Use different personas, ask strange questions, like: “can this application kill a person”, and read stories how others test.


4. Report findings properly, describe the beauty harm in simple reproducible steps and do not forget to mention, why it is important to fix the bug in next iteration. I think it is bad style to write in bug report something like this: “unless you remove the “border=0” attribute“.

Show respect = get respect.


Enjoy the video, which inspired me to write the guidelines:



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