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Summing Up 2016

2016 was incredibly good year for me. I aimed a lot and achieved a lot. Here are some of the highlights:

  • understanding and knowing myself better
  • learned how to ask for a help and feel not ashamed
  • discovered a deep trauma, located impact of it in my life and let it go
  • clarity in what I want to do moving forwards, and taking steps to do that
  • attended testing conference for the first time
  • … and then another three
  • spoke in two conferences: BTD & ATD
  • learned and connected with test and tech professionals all over the world
  • work on bringing TestBash to Germany
  • organise local meet-up and rise awareness about software quality
  • ignited to set test automation as default requirement 
  • preparing one day workshop about test automation for beginners
  • mentoring students and other women
  • published 20+ blog posts
  • started to use twitter and learned a way how it can support my learning

I have huge plans for 2017. It starts with making TestBash Germany a big success as the place where speakers and attendies will feel safe to share and to learn. And many other expectations, some of which are currently still unknown to myself, but I am eager to take what comes and make the best out of it.


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