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How To Create A Workshop

created by Ash Winter

created by Ash Winter

After a successful year of learning how to give a conference talk, I start a new chapter in my testing life and start to learn how to give a workshop. This is a bit trickier as with a talks, because of limited information about the topic.

As I asked the question in MOT Slack channel, I got respond from Ash Winter with the link to a mindmap he created for giving workshops. Take a look to it and spread the world. I think it is the awesome tool!  I am especially excited about it, because I took a workshop earlier this year, given by Ash, and I still use the skills I learned. So, I can say that I already tested Ash’s workshop creator skills.

A long time ago I worked as substituted teacher and had great fun with my students. Let’s see how I will do with a workshops. Will keep you posted.

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