Power Pairs


This week I attended Agile Testing days for the first time and I did it as a Speech Clash Speaker. Testing community with 95 votes gave me 30 minutes of stage time. Thank you!

I love conferences because of two things: first – to hear a talk and get new ideas for situations back in the office, and second – to meet people and connect.

During many of conversations, I shared my experience with “power of asking for help”, in my case – mentoring – and how it helped me to evolve and fulfill my dreams. Several times I heard – “oh, I would like that too…”

So here is my idea to build a platform to meet accordant people:

  • enter your name and contacts in a form
  • get your power pair
  • connect over media (free of your choice) once every month for an hour to share topics you currently do/struggle in your work.

Open question is: should the names and details be public or hidden? If they are public, it would be easier for people to connect, if hidden – I will do the matching.

What do you think of it? Would you participate?

If I will get at least 10 “yes”, I will build it!