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I love challenges! So it was natural for me that even I am going on 4 week vacation on July, I will participate 30DayChallange organised by Ministry Of Testing aka call to do THINGS and STUFF and not loose energy in meaningless fights.

Here is my progress so far:

1.Buy one testing related book and read it by day 30

I bought a book and I start to read a book, it is just not the same book. The book I ordered is stuck somewhere on its way to me, so I checked my eBook “shelf”, blow the dust and will read “The Secrets of Consulting” by Gerald Weinberg.

16.Go to a non-testing event

I attended local Software Craftsmanship meet-up. The topic was Elastic Search with Kibana. Not really my cup of tea, but I learned a new tool, met people out of my circle and saw how developers organise their meet-ups.


17.Find and share a quote that inspires you

The way how I feel and do things is very active. I came lately to conclusion that I need lean back and rethink – is this really something where I want to invest my time and energy? That is why my current quote is:

don’t feed what you don’t want to see grow

23.Help someone test better

I have a colleague who is great tester, but did not believe herself. I willed to help her to become better and more aware of her skills. We started reading club. It works pretty good and we are now more connected, because via sharing our thought on the book, we learn how each of us think and notice. Our latest session was on Thursday and afterwards we both agreed to make an experiment and do pair testing together for #30DaysChallenge. I am really looking forward to it!

30.Give someone positive feedback

This is another thing what I intentionally do on daily bases – I give feedback and I try to find something positive. I do not know how about you, but I constantly get negative feedback. I do not know, may be people think something bad will happen if they will say something positive… At the beginning I thought that everything what I do is bad. It took me long time to build confidence for my work. I learned that feedback and my work is not directly connected. Side effect of negative-feedback-community is – if you finally say something positive, people do not believe! This week we had retrospective in our development team and I told to my developers that I like to work with them together. They reaction was no reaction. So I continued with “It is not politeness, guys, I REALLY like to work with you!” At the end we all were laughing.

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  1. The Secrets of Consulting is a great choice! More Secrets of Consulting has a different focus, but it’s also good stuff.