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CFP Time!

Last week I submitted my very first conference talk. Whoop, whoop!

But before that I went through several stages: do I really need this to do? Does someone want to hear this? Do I want this?

Yes, I want!

And if nobody will want to hear my story, I will not cry, because I had quality time with myself and my testing subject. I sorted out my thoughts and ideas and I made statement to myself. I also finally wrote my bio and published link of my blog. I am proud about result of conference submitting process already! Everything what comes afterwards is an extra.

Thank you, Speak Easy, for being there and helping to find me a mentor. Thank you, Gerie, for being perfect mentor for me. If anybody of you are wondering about trying out to speak in a conference, go and contact Speak Easy! It is really easy!

But I have one more link for you – Maaret was so brave to write about the dark side of being conference speaker. This profession has space of improvement in many of aspects. It is sad that we do not appreciate people, who invest so much their free time, to help testing community get better and stronger. And to be honest if our both presentations will be accepted for the same conference, I do not think that it is fair, that Maaret and me would rewarded equally. At the moment I am just happy to learn and find my international testing voice. To be honest, I do not know will I have a voice on stage at all… I was a school teacher once, so I now how it is to stand in front of bunch of  thirsty for knowledge people, but any way – stage is a little bit of scary place.

To end this post on positive tune – work, local meet-ups, conferences, webinars, slack & skype groups – that’s all great, but I like what Liz Ryan says:

Life comes first, work comes second.

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