Mystery of achievements

Frequently I hear questions like this: you are married, have three kids, full time job, constantly reading and organising meet-ups, how do you do it?

I love Michael’s answer:

“If there is any “secret” in all of this, that statement is it. That’s the magic. It’s the magic of mindfulness, the secret is owning this process and being wholly responsible for success. When we do well, celebrate. When we backslide, acknowledge and learn. When we discover something doesn’t work any longer, adapt. Regardless of what it is, good or bad, euphoric or frustrating, enlightening or damning, “own it, log it, and move on”.

I’m not perfect by any means, but I know how this feels, and that is often a big help to others. Start your journey, and let me know if I can be of any help along the way.”

Read his story, it is very inspiring!


Comparing is source of many trouble. My way worked for me, you have to find your way. No mystery, just setting priorities and sticking to them in good and in bad times. If you want to learn something, than stop searching for excuses and use every chance to study. Even if it is only reading for five minutes a day. Make baby steps toward your goal.

Book suggestion for daily 5min reading:Lessons Learned in Software Testing

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