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Thoughts On Tester’s Hierarchy Of Needs


Since I saw TestBash talk “A Tester’s Hierarchy of Needs” by Stephen Janaway, I cannot forget it. I think it is a great tool to look at testing and career in it differently. Locate where you or your team are and what the next steps should be. Which parts are missing in your pyramid?

In testing we think that many of stuff, what we do is logical and common sense. But as years pass, I start to think that may be it is not so logical and self-explaining for people who work in IT, but does not focus on testing and quality, like I do.

We discussed pyramid in the team and brainstormed ideas how to reach the next level as a team. Our first idea is to make testing more transparent in the company. We start with explaining what we do, how we do and why we do. My second activity is to build the trust. It’s about people, not a software. So, it is logical to pay some attention to people with whom I work together.

It’s only week since there, but it is looking good so far.

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